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Why You Should Budget for Website Maintenance

So you’ve got your brand shiny new website up and running and you’ve started driving traffic to it. Maybe you’ve made some sales and you’re seeing the benefit of spending the money on a redesign. Picture this: You’re in your WordPress dashboard working on updating a...

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5 Questions Your Web Designer Should Ask You

When you start searching for the right company or individual to build your new website, you should always do your due diligence before signing any contracts. This may include interviews or simply discussions with them. You need to know about who you’re working with....

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Confused About Content?

I’ve learned over the years of building websites, that one of the hardest parts of even having a site is figuring out what one should actually put on it. We have these grand ideas for an awesome website and how we want it to look, but then we draw a blank when it...

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Website Theme or Custom Build

The question of whether to use a website template or custom build is one that many people deal with when looking at building or redesigning a website. The answer honestly lies with the answer to this question: What’s your budget? Terrible, right? The reason that this...

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How Do You Market Your Website?

There is one thing that I have seen over the years while building websites for people that, to be completely honest, drives me nuts. I’m sure many of you have seen this, or are maybe even guilty of it yourself. It’s a simple misconception and it needs to be corrected,...

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