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Project Description

Erica Hoverter is the genius behind Zoë Mosaic Designs’ amazing glass mosaic art. She has created colorful home decor and was even commissioned by the city of Rio Rancho, NM to add some of her color to some monuments in the city.

Her old website wasn’t up to par with her work due to the lack of time to keep it updated. We redesigned her site using WordPress so that she can easily add new works to the portfolio. We’ve also included a new ecommerce functionality that she will be able to use to sell her works when she’s ready. We are very happy with the way her new site came out and we look forward to seeing more of Erica’s creations as she adds them to the portfolio.

Built With WordPress

This site is built with WordPress which is one of the top CMS systems available. It currently powers about one third of all the websites on the net.

Simple Yet Fun

We enjoyed working with Erica and putting her artwork front and center on her new website. We were able to build a fresh site in a way that didn’t take away from her beautiful works.

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