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Project Description

Absolute Solutions came to us in need of a revamped website. Their old site was built on an ecommerce site builder and was difficult to navigate. They didn’t have the time to spend on the website while they were trying to run the business. Unfortunately, without an easy way to get around and see the products, the website wasn’t making much money for the company.

After speaking with Jack, we decided that a complete redesign was needed. We worked with him to come up with a look and feel that represented his company well and was easy for customers to quickly find what they were looking for – even on mobile devices. The result: increased website sales revenue and a more professional, “big business,” image.

Powered by WordPress

This site is built with WordPress which is one of the top CMS systems available. It currently powers about one third of all the websites on the net.

Built With WooCommerce

The eCommerce side of this site was built using WooCommerce. This shopping cart system is the most powerful there is for WordPress.

Clean and Inviting

We are especially proud of the new Trulers website. These products are amazing and we are proud to be a part of getting the word out!

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