Roger Denham – Portfolio

Don Smith Designs Portfolio - Roger Denham

Project Description

Roger Denham is a pastel artist outside of Madrid, NM. As a growing artist, he knew he needed a website. Unfortunately, his site didn’t provide what he wanted, and had features that he didn’t want or need. We rebuilt Roger’s website in a clean, modern, responsive style that reflects him as an individual and in a way that his artwork stands out. The new site allows Roger to add new artwork quickly and easily so he can spend more time painting and less time worrying about his website.

Built With WordPress

This site is built with WordPress which is one of the top CMS systems available. It currently powers about one third of all the websites on the net.

Life-like Paintings

Roger Denham is a talented pastel artist outside of Madrid, NM. We re-designed Roger’s site and logo and provided him a place to quickly share his amazingly life-like artwork of animals.

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