Jillian Homes Realty – Corporate Site

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Project Description

Jillian Homes Realty came to DSD with a hacked site. The site had been built years ago on the Joomla platform. Unfortunately, it hadn’t been updated in a long time, which left it vulnerable to attack. When working on cleaning up the site, we found several different pieces of malicious code that were set up to steal credit card information.

Luckily, our developers were able to clean up the hosting account and get the site back online. However, since the version of Joomla was so outdated, we would have needed to rebuild the site in order to bring it up to the current version. Since we were rebuilding the site anyway, we decided with the client to build it in WordPress and do a complete redesign.

Built With WordPress

This site is built with WordPress which is one of the top CMS systems available. It currently powers about one third of all the websites on the net.

Modern & Luxurious

The new Jillian Homes site is designed to appeal to the higher end clientele that they serve with their luxury homes. With the new logo and clean website design, we’re sure that Jillian Homes Realty will have no problem making an impact online.

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