Hi-Tech Homes – Landing Page

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Project Description

Hi-Tech Homes is a home automation company located in Rio Rancho, NM. Their website was originally built with basic html and wasn’t responsive – or complete. The portfolio wasn’t being used and a the site as a whole was outdated and didn’t have updated information.

Due to current business needs, we decided to simplify by creating a landing page so we could bring the company’s site up to modern standards while giving us time to work on creating a full site. The company president decided he liked the landing page enough to keep it as the site for the foreseeable future.

Built With WordPress

This site is built with WordPress which is one of the top CMS systems available. It currently powers about one third of all the websites on the net.

Simple Yet Functional

The HTHNM landing page/website shows what can be done in just one page. It’s simple, but presents information about what the company does and offers contact methods for clients to get in touch.

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